The American Advertising Federation of Montgomery


AAF Montgomery members are the River Region's leading advertisers, advertising agencies and media companies that partner with us.

Corporate Members

Advertising and Media Agencies

Montgomery Advertiser

Spectrum Reach

Stamp Idea Group


Southern Poverty Law Center


Alabama Real Estate Commission

Baptist Health

Individual Members

Kadie Agnew, Baptist Health

David Allred, Stamp

Breuna Baine, AUM

Maghen Barranco, Stamp

Scott Bell, Bell Media

Neil Bell, New South Outdoor

Taylor Blackwell, Fifth

Jim Bradley, Alabama Graphics

Haley Bridges, Fifth

Jenny Brown, Montgomery Advertiser

Simone Byrd, Alabama State University

Colin Campbell, SPLC

Cheryl Cotton, PowerSouth

Valerie Downes, SPLC

Russell Estes, SPLC

Leigh Farrior, Stamp

Dr. Vanessa Funches, AUM

Michael Galvin, Montgomery Advertiser

Cara Grizzard, Montgomery Advertiser

Mary Hartson, Diamond One Decor

Laurie Hartson, Diamond One Decor

Kwanza Jones, Spectrum Reach

Kelly Kahumoko

Brian Key, Copperwing Design

Michelle Leland, SPLC

Brian McDowall, Spectrum Reach

Lori Moneyham, Alabama Real Estate Commission

Vernita Oliver-Lane, Alabama Real Estate Commission

Sunny Paulk, SPLC

Jessica Pearce, Stamp

Scott Phillips, SPLC

Jessica Powell, The Waters / New Waters Realty

Paula Seale, Montgomery Advertiser

Lisa Silver, Spectrum Reach

Erin Sommer, New South Outdoor

Merrill South, Baptist Health

Isaac Stackhouse, Turnkey Connections

Amy Stackhouse, Turnkey Connections

Alex Trott, Stamp

Kristina Turner, SPLC

Joyce Vaughn, Baptist Health

Joe Walker, Stamp

Jennifer Wiggins, J Wiggins Designs

Elizabeth Williams, Baptist Health

Cole Willis, Bell Media

Student Members

Aleena Jackson, AUM

Patrick Linzy, Freelance Photographer

Brittany Roberson, AUM

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