We are honoring our industry’s sales and service side with the Advertising & Marketing Industry Recognizing Excellence.

Each year, we recognize creative excellence with the ADDY Awards. But creative work isn’t possible without a lot of amazing people. To help celebrate our 65th year of protecting and promoting the well-being of advertising, we will also recognize the crucial—and too often unsung—sales and service side of the industry with our new AdMIRE (Advertising & Marketing Industry Recognizing Excellence) Awards. These awards recognize the best of the best in the agency, media, and corporate marketing arena. We’re excited for a new chance to recognize the efforts of our local industry for all they do, and from a different point of view. The honorees will be chosen by a panel of judges located outside of Alabama.

Ready to Nominate? Make Sure You Have the Following:

  • Your contact information
  • Name of nominee
  • Choose the award your nominee was born to win
  • Short essay of why they deserve it (250 words or less)
  • Short recommendation from client, coworker, boss, etc. (250 words or less)
  • Photograph of the nominated person or logo from the nominated company

Entries are closed for the 2023-2024 Inaugural AdMIRE Awards. 

THE Details

Exceptional work and service to the industry and community.

All advertising and marketing individuals and organizations working in the area from Selma, AL to Columbus, GA including Montgomery, Prattville, Wetumpka, Pike Road, and Troy.
AAF members and non-members are welcome.

Nominations: $10

Nominations Deadline
January 12, 2023

Judging Period
January 13-19, 2024



For those who make it all possible.

  • Business Leader of the Year
  • Best Support/Administrator
  • Best Marketing Director

Account Services

For those who know how to make it all happen.

  • Best Strategist
  • Best Project Manager
  • Best Account Manager

Media Planning

For those who bring the message to the masses. 

  • Best Media Planner 
  • Best Media Buyer

Public Relations

For those performing the art of communicating in news-worthy ways.

  • Best PR Professional


For those who bring creative ideas to life.

  • Best Web Programmer/Developers
  • Best Photographer
  • Best Videographer 
  • Best Producer
  • Best Production Artist

Social Media

For those delivering the digital strategies.

  • Best SEM/SEO Specialist
  • Best Social Media Specialist
  • Best Content Creator


For those who bring the message to the masses. For those carefully negotiating to deliver the best results. 

  • Best Digital Rep
  • Best Print Rep
  • Best Outdoor Rep
  • Best Audio/Video Rep


For the 32 and under making the most impact for the least credit.

  • Best Intern
  • Best Emerging Talent
  • Most Likely to be My Boss in 10 Years


For those dedicated to raising the next generation of advertisers.

  • Best Educator


For those bringing physical ideas to life.

  • Best Printing Company
  • Best Large Format/Sign Company
  • Outdoor Company of the Year
  • Best Vendor Rep


For those groups excelling for their clients and businesses.

  • Advertising Agency of the Year
  • Media Agency of the Year
  • In-House Creative/Marketing Department of the Year

Media Companies

For those groups bringing information to the masses.

  • Newspaper of the Year
  • Magazine of the Year
  • TV Station of the Year
  • Radio Station of the Year

Don’t forget to also send in your free nominations for the Golden Service Award and Silver Medal Award.


If you have any questions about nominating, categories, etc,
please email info@aafmontgomery.org.