AAF Montgomery’s Public Service Committee is now accepting applications from non-profit organizations. If your local non-profit needs marketing assistance, please fill out the application by July 1st.

This year, the AAF Montgomery Public Service Committee is selecting a local non-profit organization to help reach its marketing and advertising goals.

AAF Montgomery members include marketing and advertising professionals from our area who are excited to share their talents with the community. The selected non-profit will receive marketing assistance such as logo development, ad design, media planning, copywriting, etc. 

Please be advised that although the time and talents of committee members are donated, AAF Montgomery will not be responsible for costs related to scheduling advertising, ad spending, printing, or any other costs associated with the completion of the campaign. Furthermore, to be considered, your organization must have funds to implement the campaign within a reasonable amount of time after the campaign is completed. 


If you have any questions about opportunities, applications etc,
please email info@aafmontgomery.org.