The following are the policies and procedures of the AAF Montgomery. They are subject to change at any time.

Membership Fees

It is the policy that the current membership fees and levels for AAF Montgomery are as follows:

PROFESSIONAL – INDIVIDUAL — $120 // $85 prorated
Professional Development meeting not included: $20 each (due at meetings)

Professional Development meeting not included: $20 each (due at meetings)

PROFESSIONAL GROUP TIER 1 — $110 per person // $80 prorated
3-10 members required
Professional Development meeting not included: $20 each (due at meetings)

PROFESSIONAL GROUP TIER 2 — $105 per person // $75 prorated
11+ members required
Professional Development meeting not included: $20 each (due at meetings)

Prorated memberships will be available after February 1 of the membership year. Prorated memberships are not available for students and educators.

Adopted: June 11, 2024
Amended: May 24, 2023

Lunch and Learn Policy

All cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance of the event for a full refund. For any cancellations made after 48 hours, the buyer must pay 50% of the price, including Pay at the Door ticket options.

Adopted: August 21, 2017

Sharing Email Addresses

When a member joins AAF Montgomery, they are joining AAF District 7 and the national AAF organization. As such, it is the policy that AAF Montgomery will share member email addresses with District and National AAF organizations. AAF Montgomery will not share non-member email addresses with the AAF organizations. AAF Montgomery will not share any email addresses in our database with any other organizations, companies, sponsors, etcetera. AAF Montgomery may send emails to our database on behalf of our sponsors.

Adopted: December 11, 2016
Amended: May 24, 2023

Board of Directors Confidentiality Policy

The Board of Directors is charged with the management and operation of AAF Montgomery and is responsible to the Members of the Association. In discharging their duties, members of the Board of Directors must be encouraged to express their views without concern regarding any repercussions which may result should their positions on certain issues presented to the Board become known to the business community at large.

While the Board of Directors is obligated to keep the Membership informed of its decisions affecting the Association, the internal deliberations of the Board and its individual Directors must be maintained in the strictest confidence so as to foster the free and open exchange of views among Directors.

This policy also applies to Committees, Committee members, and staff who report to the Board of Directors. Committee decisions and recommendations are not to be disclosed prior to the review and, if required, approval by the Board of Directors. Directors, Committee members, and staff may be subject to disciplinary action if this policy is not strictly adhered to.

Adopted: December 11, 2016

Association Debit Cards and Authorized Users

It is the policy of the Board of Directors of AAF Montgomery that the current Treasurer and the President be authorized to have debit cards in AAF Montgomery’s name. Furthermore, a copy of each card’s transactions must be included with the monthly financial report from the treasurer. In the event that a cardholder resigns, is terminated, or otherwise is no longer associated with AAF Montgomery, their card must be surrendered immediately to the AAF Montgomery President (or to the Treasurer if it is the President resigning), who will take appropriate action to cancel the card.

Adopted: December 11, 2016

Limits on Spending

It is the policy of the Board of Directors of AAF Montgomery that all purchases made on behalf of the federation, either on a federation card or a personal card for reimbursement, shall be pre-approved by the treasurer and president if they are not already listed on an approved event budget. All purchases exceeding $100 shall be voted on by the board, either during a regular board meeting or via email vote if they are not already listed on an approved event budget.

Adopted: December 11, 2016

Conflict of Interest

AAF Montgomery, including all officers, directors, and committee members shall avoid any conflict between their own respective personal, professional, or business interests and the interest of the Association, in any and all actions taken by them on behalf of the Association in their respective capacities.

In the event that an Officer, Director, or Committee member of the Association shall have a direct or indirect interest in, or relationship with, any individual or organization which proposes to enter into any transaction with the Association including but not limited to actions involving:

  1. The sale, purchase, lease or rental of property or other assets;
  2. Employment, or rendition of services, personal or otherwise;
  3. The award of any grant, contract, or subcontract;
  4. The investment or deposit of any funds of the association.

Such person shall give notice of such interest or relationship and shall thereafter refrain from discussing or voting on the particular transaction in which he/she has an interest, or otherwise attempting to exert any influence on the Association to affect a decision to participate or not participate in such transactions.

Adopted: December 11, 2016

American Advertising Awards Entries for Club-Related Work

It is the policy of AAF Montgomery that any work created by members for the club pro-bono is eligible to be entered in the American Advertising Awards competition in club promotion categories, and that AAF Montgomery will cover the entry costs for work the Board of Directors approves for submission.

Adopted: December 11, 2016

Antitrust Policy

It shall be the policy of the AAF Montgomery to be in strict compliance with all Federal and State Antitrust laws, rules, and regulations. Therefore:

I. This policy applies to all membership, board, committee, and other meetings of the Chapter, and all meetings attended by representatives of the Chapter.

II. Discussions of prices or price levels are prohibited. In addition, no discussion is permitted of any elements of a company’s operations which might influence price such as:

  1. Cost of operations, supplies, labor, or services;
  2. Allowance for discounts;
  3. Terms of sale including credit arrangements; and,
  4. Profit margins and markups, provided this limitation shall not extend to discussions of methods of operation, maintenance, and similar matters in which cost or efficiency is merely incidental.

III. It is a violation of Antitrust laws to agree not to compete, therefore, discussions of division of territories or customers or limitations on the nature of business carried on or products sold are not permitted.

IV. Boycotts in any form are unlawful. Discussion relating to boycotts is prohibited, including discussions about blacklisting or unfavorable reports about particular companies including their financial situation.

V. It is AAF Montgomery’s policy that all meetings attended by representatives of the organization where discussion can border on an area of antitrust sensitivity, the Chapter’s representative requests that the discussion be stopped and asks that the request be made a part of the minutes of the meeting being attended. If others continue such discussion, the Chapter’s representative should excuse themselves from the meeting and request that the minutes show that he/she left the meeting at that point and why he/she left. Any such instances should be reported immediately to the President and staff of the Chapter.

VI. It is the Chapter’s policy that a copy of these Antitrust Compliance Policies and Procedures be given to each officer, director, committee member, official representative of member companies, and Chapter employees annually and that the same be read, or understood at all meetings of the membership of the Chapter.

Adopted: December 11, 2016

Anti-Harassment Policy

AAF Montgomery is committed in all areas to providing a professional environment that is free from harassment. Harassment based on an individual’s sex, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, familial status, sexual orientation, or any other legally protected characteristics will not be tolerated. All Board of Director members, committee members, and the general membership of AAF Montgomery are expected and required to abide by this policy. No person will be adversely affected in participation with the organization as a result of bringing complaints of unlawful harassment.

Adopted: December 11, 2016

Anti-Discrimination Policy

AAF Montgomery is an “equal opportunity organization.” AAF Montgomery will not discriminate and will take “affirmative action” measures to ensure against discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, and familial status.

Adopted: December 11, 2016

Reimbursement Policy

The Board of Directors of AAF Montgomery recognizes that board members, officers, committee members, and members may be required to travel or incur other expenses from time to time to conduct Chapter business and to further the mission of this non-profit organization. The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that (a) adequate cost controls are in place, (b) travel and other expenditures are appropriate, and (c) to provide a uniform and consistent approach for the timely reimbursement of authorized expenses incurred by members. It is the policy of AAF Montgomery to reimburse only reasonable and necessary expenses actually incurred by members.

When incurring business expenses, AAF Montgomery expects members to:

  • Exercise discretion and good business judgment with respect to those expenses.
  • Be cost-conscious and spend AAF Montgomery’s money as carefully and judiciously as the individual would spend his or her own funds.
  • Report expenses, supported by required documentation, as they were actually spent. Expenses will not be reimbursed unless the individual requesting reimbursement submits a written Expense Report. The Expense Report shall be submitted within two weeks of the expenditure. No expense will be reimbursed unless the individual requesting reimbursement submits the Expense Report with receipts from each vendor (not a credit card receipt or statement) showing the vendor’s name, a description of the services provided (if not otherwise obvious), the date, and the total expenses, including tips (if applicable). All Expense Reports must be turned in to the current Treasurer upon completion. The Treasurer will then review the expenditures and approve them with the President. The individual will then be reimbursed either with a check or with PayPal. If the Treasurer is requesting reimbursement, the President will be the one who authorizes the reimbursement. Any reimbursement submissions will not be considered after 90 days of expenditure. Approved travel expenses are subject to the president and treasurer’s approval. Travel expenses outside of the yearly budget will be taken into consideration on a case-by-case basis.

Adopted: December 11, 2016