Peer-to-Peer Recognition…It’s Time to Nominate for AAF Top Honors

Active AAF Volunteerism requires a great deal of commitment. Each year during ADMERICA, we honor those who have gone above and beyond. This is the chance for you to nominate your peers for a job well done. See below for more information and links to the criteria and nomination forms.

Betty Riehl Excellence in Service Award: Nominees should demonstrate exceptional leadership that reflects contributions above and beyond the call of duty as an employee of the AAF’s member clubs, federations, districts, or national headquarters. Deadline to nominate is April 5, 2024 at

Chic Davis Memorial Award: Nominees have championed the American Advertising Awards and helped elevate the program’s image, financial success and awareness among entrants and members. Deadline to nominate is April 5, 2024 at

Pat Martin Excellence in District Leadership Award: Nominees have provided guidance, strategic planning and the necessary tools to local clubs within the District in their efforts to achieve their goals. Deadline to nominate is April 5, 2024 at

Lee-Douthit-Levine Perseverance Award: Nominees are volunteers who despite all odds accomplished great feats while executing the voluntary responsibilities of a Local, District or National position. Deadline to nominate is April 5, 2024 at